Friday, June 01, 2007

Special Contribution just not special enough


The alpha male John Charman has again been defeated in his efforts to overturn the £48 million his wife was awarded following their divorce. He met his match in Sir Mark Potter, the President of the High Court Family Division (surely this guy knows his stuff?) who stated that Mr Charman's special contribution had been taken account of and refused him permission to appeal to the House of Lords. He has been told to go direct to their Lordships if he wants to pursue the matter and no doubt he will. Given his career one doubts that Mr Charman has met with such disappointment at not getting his own way in the past. Oh well.... at least he afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does this mean for wealthy singles?

Have you heard of :

1. Forum shopping?

2. Pre-Nuptial Agreements?

3. Making love last?

If wealthy and single and contemplating marriage I advise you to try them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Guardian


Orhan Kahn said...

That is an incredible amount of money.

Anonymous said...

Yes it may yet be topped by the McCartney Mills divorce though!

Orhan Kahn said...

The amounts seem to be getting greater and greater.