Monday, June 18, 2007

The Unintended Consequences Of Divorce Part 2

2. Remorse

No matter how much you wanted it there will usually be a sense of regret and failure.

3. Intense loneliness and depression

The single life will no longer appear attractive and you will feel isolated from past social arrangements, normally couples socialise with couples and you will now be firmly left out. This feeling should pass after 6 months, otherwise you should consult a doctor, counsellor or find some other way to move on. If you cannot get over it yourself, be it the divorce or your ex, then seek help, being stuck in the past is painful.

4. Children will spend more quality time with their father or none at all.

Which will it be for your children?

5. Men's standard of living increases

Maybe it's not having to buy all those shoes any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Women and children's standard of living drops.

No surprises there then.

7. Divorced women are more likely to remain single than divorced men.

Why is that then? Had enough of men? Perhaps it's because they have less money to socialise. Or maybe they don't need a transition relationship or they are bitter, less attractive to other men with their "baggage", past it, or simply exhausted with running a home and a full time job on less than half the income they used to have.

8. You will miss someone.

Not your ex, but someone from his/her circle.

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