Saturday, January 19, 2008

Over the Christmas stress?

One of the huge benefits of being divorced is that you can do what you want at Christmas! You don't have to spend time with in laws or even your partner!

This Christmas my daughters and I spent the day on our own in Primark pyjamas with no make up, drinking bucks fizz and eating all day. It was great!!!!!!

If you are still reeling from a celebration that seemed to suit everyone else around you but left you feeling used, isolated and miserable, make an extra New Year's resolution that next Christmas will be yours!

My 5 year old son spent the holidays with his father which he loved. He is still talking about it - he had a bath every day so he thinks he has convinced me he never has to wash again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not letting your children experience the most important day of the year with the other parent is selfish and damaging to your children ( unless there is violence or abuse which is totally different). No matter how much you hate your ex it goes without saying that children have a right to a loving relationship with the absent parent (usually their dad) and spending Christmas Day with him helps a lot!!!!

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