Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why do people get divorced?

Usually because they have married the wrong person!

Does your partner bring joy or sadness into your life?

Does your partner make you feel relaxed or tense?

Are you interested in everything your partner has to say or have you heard it all before and it is soooo boring?

Do you respect your partner or think that he/she would be better off in another century on another planet?

The most important one of all...............

Do you really fancy your partner?

Did you ever?

The picture above is of the happiest couple I know. They tick all the boxes.

Getting divorced is sad and lonely.........staying married to the wrong person is sadder and lonelier but.................... if there are children of the union every effort should be made to make it work otherwise you are simply passing the sad and lonely baton on to your own children!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know you hate me looking at your blog, but just wanted to say what a lovely pic of Suu Mahooo and John. Glad they are still together and happy.

Your advice on how to meet new people made me smile, don't think I'd want to meet anyone at a protest rally or pantomime!!!

Hope you're well and happy, really do. Gary

AntonioFWW said...

The best example you can give to your children is that of a loving relationship. If you don't have one then you are showing them a dysfunctional relationship which in the long run can be a lot more damaging.

Just my two cents,

Anonymous said...

If you can bear the embarrassment of buying it there are two interesting features on divorce in today's Daily Mail, pages 21, 50,51. I suggest you send the gardener to get it, or Lee :-}. According to the poll 59% of woman would leave their husbands if they could afford it!! In my experience it's a lot higher :-*.

George said...

Life is but a Kodak today...and a distant memory tomorrow.

Those that choose to stay in matrimony for what they call eternity are but stifling the other's ability to expand (emotionally, spiritually and personally).

Marriage is a human form re-inforced by other living creature (bar silly geese) are monogamous...

Food for thought.

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